Performance Report

2015 – 2016 Program Impact Report- Our Formula for Impact

We start with the youth who need us most.  Who Are The Youth We Guide?

  • 1,462 youth ages 6-18 joined the Clubs, with over 500 other children served by Club staff or programs at five Club locations and the David Hayworth Swimming Center.
  • 95% of Club members live in poverty.
  • 72% of our members live with a single parent.
  • 90% of members do not use other youth agencies.

Preparing Children and Teens for Academic Success: Graduate from High School ready for college, trade school, military or employment 

  • 75 youth referred by school officials, due to academic or behavioral problems:
    85% maintained or improved average to above average grades.
  • 96% of Power Hour participants maintained or improved to average to above average grades.
  • Club staff worked in schools for 860 hours helping youth succeed.
  • 100% of the surveyed school officials stated that Club staff and programs improved or maintained student academics and behavior.
  • Clubs provided 63 parent-teacher activities that were attended by 4,346 participants.
  • There were 33 “World of Work” tour experiences for 408 participants.

Preparing Children and Teens with Good Character & Citizenship: to be an engaged citizen involved in the community, register to vote and model strong character

  • Clubs chartered Torch Clubs to teach leadership skills for members ages 11-13:
    These Clubs had62 members who held 240 meetings and workshops.
  • Clubs chartered Keystone Clubs teaching leadership skills for members            ages 14-18: These Clubs had 40 teens participating
  • Club members planned and conducted 3,593 hours of community service projects.

Preparing Children and Teens for Healthy Lifestyles: to adopt a healthy diet, practice healthy lifestyle choices and make a lifelong commitment to fitness

  • 349 Club members participated in the “Smart Moves” substance abuse and pregnancy prevention programs:
    88% passed written post tests verifying their understanding of prevention behaviors.
  • 112 female Club members participated in the “Smart Girls” teen pregnancy and substance abuse prevention program:
    87% passed written post tests verifying their understanding of prevention behaviors.
  • Identified “at-risk” Club members who completed a pregnancy prevention program:  No Club members gave birth to a child during the year, which is well below the Guilford and Randolph County teen birth rates.
  • 304 members participated in the Healthy Habits Program with 88% passing a written post test verifying their understanding of living a healthy lifestyle.
  • 498 members participated in 315 fitness sessions held at each Club location.
  • 85 members participated in Street Smart gang prevention programming with 92% passing the post-test verifying their understanding of gangs.
  • The Clubs provided a recreational summer swimming program to over 500 youth and swim lessons to over 100 youth.