Open Door Policy

Any boy or girl age 6 through 18 can be a member of the Boys & Girls Clubs, with absolutely no other requirements for membership.

Membership Dues

Annual membership dues are set at $2.00, so that any young person can join regardless of socioeconomic background.

Professional Staff

Because of the importance of consistency and personnel skill level for program effectiveness, all programs are implemented by full-time and part-time paid professional staff. All full-time personnel in the organization have four-year college degrees and training experience with Boys & Girls Clubs of America.

Our Members

95% of Club members live at or below the poverty level, 72% come from single parent households and,  90% do not belong to or use the services of other youth agencies. These demographics represent a real challenge to youth that need and want to develop into contributing citizens in our community. However, these are the youth and the issues that the Boys & Girls Clubs programs are designed to impact.

Facility-Based Programs

Boys & Girls Clubs buildings are dedicated to serving only youth, providing a safe place for them to learn and grow.

In-School & After-School Programs

To maintain maximum effectiveness with academic intervention efforts, Club personnel work in the schools with the same youth that come to the Clubs after school. Boys & Girls Club staff work in 11 area elementary, middle, and high schools, though the focus of most of the work is on early intervention with the elementary students.

Focus On Self-Sufficiency

All programs work toward producing self-sufficient adults. This requires focusing the human and financial resources of the organization on the efforts that contribute to this goal. This also means that the Clubs de-emphasize programs that do not contribute to this goal and/or are provided through other agencies, such as organized sports and spiritual programs.

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